The Rhythm Nation

Ben Pizarro - Drums and Percussion

"I love seeing the dance floor packed and everyone having a great time!"

Ben was born into a musical family, and it was natural for Ben to start playing the drums at the young age of eight years old.

Ben is rudimentarily self-taught on the drums. He has the ability to play by ear and emulate any rhythm he hears. Ben fuses Latin drumming with his knowledge of Jazz, Pop, Rock, and free-style to develop his style of drumming. Ben's natural talent, energy, feel, and flexibility to play any musical style makes Ben a very sought-after drummer.

Ben is currently the drummer for the high energy band, The Rhythm Nation. Key influences: Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, JoJo Mayer, El Negro Hernanez, Steve Smith

The Rhythm Nation performs at many of the popular casinos, and many private events for weddings and corporate parties.

To inquire about having The Rhythm Nation play at your next event, please contact Pacific Rim Talent's Craig Cooke at (425)482-7900.