The Rhythm Nation

Norbert Caoili - Vocals and Keyboards

Norbert is the heart and soul of the Rhythm Nation

Norb Caoili has been singing and playing keyboards since his teens. As a self-taught musician growing up in the 80s, Norb was heavily influenced by the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, Ready For The World and Babyface.

After playing in several cover bands, Norb began writing and performing his own music. He recorded two original R&B albums under the name, MBD: Music By Dezign, which have reached fans around the world thanks to iTunes and the internet.

Now, as a member of The Rhythm Nation, Norb is back to the live music scene bringing his smooth, soulful voice and electric energy to the stage.

The Rhythm Nation performs at many of the popular casinos, and many private events for weddings and corporate parties.

To inquire about having The Rhythm Nation play at your next event, please contact Pacific Rim Talent's Craig Cooke at (425)482-7900.