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What Type of Bettor Are You?

Although each player of the bookmaker considers his path in bets unique and inimitable, all players belong to certain types, which are characterized by common features. In this case, the player can maintain his personality, but under certain circumstances he will act in the same way as other players of the same type. Let's look at what types of players exist and evaluate whether it is worth striving to be one of them.


For a beginner, bets on everything in a row, all-in bets, express bets, bets on your favorite team and everything that inevitably leads to loss are characteristic. Beginners do not use any strategies, do not keep statistics of their bets and do not know anything about bankroll management. 99% of the players go through this stage, but some of them are initially well prepared and pass the beginner stage without making major mistakes making bets at


They play according to the strategy, and base it only on statistics. They are constantly looking for “holes” and weaknesses in bookmakers, but in general they lose, although not as large amounts as the first two categories.


Such players do not have fresh ideas and their strategies for betting, but they have a lot of money that they want to increase. For these purposes, paid forecasts are bought from successful players, or the account is given under trust for a certain percentage of profit. An investor in betting can be both successful and unprofitable.

Bonus Hunters

The goal of the bonus hunter is to get a bonus from the office, wager it and withdraw. After that, the player can open a new account to repeat the operation. Previously, a large number of players earned money on bonuses of bookmakers, but now this area of earnings has almost died out due to the tough barriers that are fixed by the offices.


These are players who bet only on those events that are guaranteed to bring them profit. By making two reverse bets in different offices, they make a profit at any outcome. This is due to errors in the betting lines. Playing on forks is very difficult due to the fact that bookmakers obstruct these players, so a profitable strategy in theory does not always turn out to be that way.


Probably the only category of players who can count on a stable income from bets obtained in an honest way. A professional bettor is very responsible in betting, considering even the smallest details that can affect his success. At the same time, he manages his capital so that even traders can envy him.

If you decide to connect your life with sports betting, then you need to strive to become a professional bettor. You won’t be able to do this in a week, a month or even a year, but with each new bet you will be closer to your goal.